Aerobic Riders: Are They Worthy As An Aerobic Fitness Equipment?

Mar 18th, 2010 | By Kat Wendersen | Category: Exercise And Fitness Equipment

Aerobic riders were the rage many years ago but unfortunately many who bought it are probably regretting their decisions. Althought these aerobic fitness equipment have limited purpose and benefit, they can still be a good addition to your home gym.

Similar to rowing machines, aerobic riders work on providing the pulling action although there is less movement range and burn fewer calories than a treadmill. That said, such riders do have their place in your home fitness equipment. They do provide a reasonably good aerobic workout overall. They do this by building on your lung power and provinding a great cardiovascular workout too.

Aerobic riders also help strengthen hamstrings and work the deltoids and several back muscles. Since the motion is to and fro in a single plane, they also help develop joint flexibility by stimulating lubrication.

Other machines, like rowing machines, treadmills, ellipticals and more, may provide a more strenuous workout or a larger range of motion. But they also tend to cost a lot more these days.

A good aerobic rider can be had used for less than $50 and even a new one may well be less than $150. They top out at about $500. By contrast, even low-end treadmills start at several hundred dollars and rise from there. Elliptical trainers may run anywhere from $350 at the low end to $600-$1,000 or more for a very good one.

Aerobic riders also take up less space and are lighter weight than treadmills or ellipticals. That makes them easy to put into place, use, then store away. There are models that can be easily folded and put in a closet or under the bed. A treadmill or elliptical generally is intended to stay in one place. If you want to take your aerobic rider out into the backyard for a nice workout, that’s easy. You won’t be doing that with other equipment.

According to one influential ACE (American Council of Exercise) study carried out by CSUN a few years ago, aerobic riders allow users to burn only about 50-75% of the calories of a treadmill. No other study has come along to contradict the claim and so the popularity (and prices) of aerobic riders waned a bit not long after their introduction.

But given the considerable difference in price, that comparison may not be entirely fair. A jump rope is much cheaper than a treadmill, too. It’s not intended to provide the same features or workout. The same can be said for an aerobic rider. Also, since they’re such simple mechanisms, they’re much less likely to require any kind of repair.

If the price is reasonable, you can still get a sturdy model. A good workout from an aerobic rider is still possible and if you’re just starting out in home gyms, you should consider getting one such aerobic fitness equipment. Just don’t pay more for hype- something that goes for any piece of fitness equipment you purchase.

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  1. i use a mechanical treadmill at home and it seems adquate for basic exercise`~:

  2. i prefer to use mechanical treadmills over electric treadmills…

  3. it seems like the best way to go is a treadmill. For the money, its the best workout. If you have bad knees then it wouldn’t’ be good.

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